Video Abstracts

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Behavioral Strategy

Behavioral strategy covers disciplinary and interdisciplinary research grounded in realistic assumptions about human motivation, cognition, emotion, decision-making, social interactions, networks, culture, and organizational systems.

Competitive Strategy

Competitive strategy focuses on questions concerning firms and their interactions within product and factor markets over time.

Cooperative Strategies

Cooperative Strategies focus on issues related to cooperative strategies at the functional, business, corporate, group, and network levels of analysis.

Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy considers the decisions, actions, and outcomes associated with an organization’s portfolio of business lines.

Entrepreneurship & Strategy

Entrepreneurship & Strategy focuses on entrepreneurial behavior both in new ventures and established organizations, helping create useful knowledge on effective entrepreneurial strategies.

Global Strategy

Global Strategy focuses on international or global firms, examining the impact of evolving global, international, and regional cultural, social, economic, technological, environmental, and political forces on the development and content of organization forms and strategies.

Knowledge & Innovation

Knowledge and Innovation focuses on how managers can best leverage the knowledge base of their organizations in order to build competitive advantages for their firms.

Stakeholder Strategy promotes scholarship that embraces a multi-stakeholder perspective of firm strategy, its antecedents, its boundaries, roles, and values and its diverse forms of impact and performance.

Strategic Human Capital

Strategic Human Capital promotes research that sheds light on the role of human capital resources in unit and firm performance.

Strategic Leadership & Governance

Strategic Leadership and Governance shapes and is shaped by firm strategy and performance in various institutional contexts and regulatory regimes.

Strategy Practice

Strategy Practice concerns the activities, methods, and tools that actors employ in the doing of strategy and how such “strategy work” contributes to organizational outcomes as well as the broader institutional environment in which it is embedded.

Strategy Process

Strategy Process examines how strategies are envisioned, implemented, changed, and governed– be it via deliberate or emergent processes.